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Aarogya Setu: Official Covid-19 App launched by Government of India

The whole world is fighting with coronavirus (Covid-19) which was declared as pandemic by WHO and has already taken lives of around 48000 people across the world with majority of fatal cases from Italy. The government of every country is putting their best efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus through various measures like imposing lockdowns, creating digital awareness, setting up 24/7 helplines & other measures.

While there are so many question popping around in the mind of people across the world like

  • When coronavirus will end?
  • Is coronavirus airborne?
  • For how long should we stock food?
  • What are the symptoms of coronavirus?
  • How do we know if some is suffering from covid-19? Is there an app for tracking this?

To help answer the last question above, the Government of India has introduced first comprehensive Covid-19 app Aarogya Setu, which is aimed to connect health services with the people to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak across India.

The app is available to download for both Android and iPhones in India. Which can be downloaded from Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

The app is developed though Public Private Partnership by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology under the guidance of NIC in just four days. Also within just 2 days of launch the app has managed to get total do 10 Million+ downloads in Google Playstore with and average rating of 4.8 starts

The key features of the Aarogyu Setu app are:

  • Real-time tracking and notifying users if they have come in contact with a Covid-19 infected person by using smartphone’s location data and Bluetooth
  • Detailed list of coronavirus helpline numbers across states in India.
  • A chatbot to help people understand symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) and answer queries.
  • Rolling out updates from health mystery on coronavirus pandemic.
  • Check live tweets from Ministry of Health (Android only).
  • The app supports 11 languages including Hindi & Marathi

Similar to Corona Kavach app, the users can easily download Aarogyu Setu from respective app store and register using mobile number which is further verified using OTP. It is not mandatory for the user to share personal details like name, age and all for using the app.

The application is designed keeping in mind the privacy of the users data, where the privacy policy of the app clearly details out that user data will not be shared with third parties. It clearly specifies that

“Your data will be shared only with the Government of India. The app does not allow your name and mobile number to be disclosed to the public at large”

Aarogyu Setu Privacy Policy

While I am writing this down we have crossed the total number of covid-19 cases in India to 5000+ with active case of around 1800+. Where the clear idea behind developing this app is to reach out to people making them aware about risk of Covid-19 infection, best practices & relevant medical advisories.

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