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Bengaluru oncologist claims to be close to discovering cure for coronavirus – The Economic Times Video | ET Now

Bengaluru based oncologist is hopeful of finding potion that could be useful in treating COVID-19 patients. Dr. Vishal Rao said, “Human body cells release interferon chemical to kill viruses. But it can’t be released by cells in the case of COVID-19 cases, leading to weak immune system. We got hold of some preprint suggesting that interferon is effective in COVID-19.” He further added, “When we withdraw blood for regular check-ups, we get buffy coat which can be used to take out cells and form interferon. These two chemicals and some other cytokines, in a specific concoction, could be potentially very useful in treating COVID-19 patients. We have built a concoction of cytokines which can be injected to reactivate immune system in COVID-19 patients. We’re in a very initial stage and hope to be ready with its first set by this weekend. We have applied to the govt for an expedited review.”

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