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Covid-19: The controversy around spraying disinfectants on migrant labour | In-depth – Times of India Videos

As news of migrant workers trudging home by foot over hundreds of kilometres and then being stopped keeps coming in amidst the lockdown, it is not a warm welcome that awaits them when they reach the end of their journey. As these workers found out as they returned home to UP’s Bareilly, they needed to be disinfected first. Told to sit down on the road without any further details, they were sprayed with a diluted mixture of bleach. The video went viral online, with people decrying the cops’ treatment of these migrant workers. The government says that this isn’t the only time disinfectant is being sprayed on migrant workers returning home as the same happened in Kerala. Even as such incidents are being criticised, one also needs to look outside India as well. Officers at an Indonesia airport sprayed passengers coming back from Wuhan with disinfectant the moment they disembark the plane. Similarly, a company in China built a tunnel to spray employees at an industrial complex with disinfectant before they began work. Such measures were needed as the country battled against a huge Covid-19 outbreak. While the measures themselves were needed, it is clear that authorities need to be better equipped with knowledge.

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