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Exclusive Interview: Read how did this person felt when suspected for Covid-19?

While the whole nation is under the lockdown to fight spread of noval coronavirus in India and the number of covid-19 cases in India has already peaked around 3500. Today, we had an opportunity to have a WhatsApp conversation with one of the person in Mumbai who was asked to home quarantine due to possible suspect of Covid-19. The person braved himself to share his first hand experience during the whole process being followed.

Most disturbing aspect of Covid-19 pandemic is that it does not allow family and friends to remain close with the virus victim or virus suspect. As there is risk that victim might infect his near or dear one. 

Note: We have changed the name of person as Mr. Ravi to safeguard his identity. This interview is just for informational purpose to create awareness among people.

Before we start our conversation let me describe a bit about Mr. Ravi who is 27 year old man who works for financial institution in Mumbai and personally take interest in substantial living, environment and mostly crack his head on how we can live peaceful without harming our nature. Introvert when it’s politics and extrovert when it’s about something creative to talk and of-course Mother Nature. He aspired to be a traveler and love to be with people who support at all stage of life.

This all started when Mr. Ravi came to know that he has been suspected to be in contact of a confirmed Covid-19 patient.

This is how the conversation took place on WhatsApp

Ques- How and when did you get know that you might a be Covid-19 suspect?

Mr. Ravi – On 25th March, Wednesday the news was circulated in office information group of a possible COVID-19 case food joint nearby office. Soon after that check was done for who all visited the area in the last 4-5 days. The next day HR made a list of people who visited the food joint which was under observation. Initially, HR and senior management maintained secrecy to avoid any possible panic among people. Soon after a day a mail started floating around to get list of people who have visited and had food from this food joint, and believe me the numbers were huge. Just to be on a safer side BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) wanted a list of employees who are a regular visitor to this food joint and wanted HR to track and further ask them for home isolation to keep check on possible spread of Covid-19. Home address, contact details were handed over to BMC. HR and Pandemic team was made active to keep the track on the location and health of the employees.

Ques – What were you briefed by concern authority, was it on the phone or in-person?

Mr. Ravi – The briefing was done firstly over the phone and then in person by Senior Managers and HR team of the company on the possible situation that might arise if Covid-19 symptoms shows up and how to take care of yourself and the people around you. A WhatsApp group was created to keep a daily track and keep the officials informed by giving latest updates of health and if any assistance required. Officials from VVMC (Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation) was part of routine, enquiring about my foreign visit, any symptoms of coronavirus or sick family member.

Ques – Are the concerned authorities & officials still in touch?

Mr. Ravi – HR team and BMC ensured a daily visit or phone call just (few days close to the 5th & 8th day) to keep a check on the possible covid-19 symptoms and also a Covid-19 helpline number was shared to reach when a symptom is observed or arise! The company HR and senior management numbers were also shared. 

Ques – How are you managing daily essential items?

Mr. Ravi– After I was told to be home quarantine, I took help of my family members to buy the essential food items and medicine.  Though it was difficult to get items in initial days of the lockdown as the stores had massive crowds with no social distancing being followed. Also Basic things like dettol, cough syrup, paracetamol were out of stock.

Also, Even after Government of India putting a cap on the price of mask and sanitizer. They were still being sold more for than Rs 100(again its a necessity now you have to buy at any price) and the cotton mask replaced the actual surgical mask and surgical gloves had a surge in price too.

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Ques – What precautions are you taking during the home quarantine?

Mr. Ravi– In my daily routine I am taking precautions to boost my immunity through traditional methods suggested by my mother

  • Having hot water at regular intervals,
  • Steam and salt water gargles twice a day,
  • Hot turmeric milk in morning

Additional to above some important precautions which I took are

  • To maintain distance and interact with family mostly online either over phone call or WhatsApp.
  • I kept separate food utensils and food timings for myself.
  • Frequently disinfect the touched area

Ques – Can you share your views on government support during this whole process?

Mr. Ravi – I prefer not to comment on this.

Ques – Can you share your personal experience of home quarantine?

Mr. Ravi – I am on my 12th day of home quarantine & the feeling I have during quarantine is scary at times. Alone locked in a room with just a window view on the outside world. With houses where you live with your family in Metro city like Bombay? you can barely move from your bed. Taking care that nothing of you touches your family member

Ques – How you are handling your anxiety during home quarantine?

Mr. Ravi – I am handling my anxiety through browsing news, keeping oneself updated. Completing the long pending list of movies and TV shows, video calling friends, family members. Taking some online professional courses or taking the help of Youtube to clear some of my conceptual doubts and building a professional network

Just a thing this too shall Pass, so relax, do some meditation, exercise to keep yourself active. Follow the basic hygiene rules, a proper and healthy diet.

Mr. Ravi

Ques – What is your suggestions to people who are quarantined or asked to be quarantined?

Mr. Ravi – It is not an easy thing. For a lot of us who are used to seeing people around them all the time, roaming and exploring newer places, it would be difficult to stay in the four walls of the house. Skipping your favorite street food and evening walk or drive or hangout to your favorite restaurant with your partner or friend.

Yes all this is difficult and there would be serious missing and even a mental breakdown. Even thinking if the world going to end and you will never see your loved ones or your favorite people. This would be quite natural reaction for a social animal like us. Although we have never been in a situation like this, Just a thing this too shall Pass, so relax, do some meditation, exercise to keep yourself active. Follow the basic hygiene rules, a proper and healthy diet. You can always kill loneliness through a book in hand, your favorite Tv shows or video call to your dear ones. Remember a healthy mind and body will keep the Virus at Bay!

While we did this WhatsApp conversation the person is on 12th day of his home quarantine & have not shown any symptoms of Covid-19. Also he has not been lab tested for Covid-19 till date.

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