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Dealing Covid-19: 10 point checklist to follow when you are outside home?

One of the most discussed topic these days is maintaining social distance to avoid the spread of Covid-19. The Government of India has also taken preventive measure & further imposed lockdown in India till 14th April’2020.

The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to coronavirus. But as much as we want to stay home, there would be a need for us to go out and get the essentials, grocery items or some other important work. A very important thing here is if you are feeling low or have a cough, or fever, or showing the symptoms of Covid-19 please stay home. 

We created this 10 points consolidated checklist for everyone and hopefully, this will be helpful for everyone of us . Reference is CDC, AIIMS and other medical sites. 

Here is the checklist:

Use Face Mask
  • Preferably wear a mask and an eyewear when out. Infection primarily spreads when you touch the surface carrying the virus and then your eyes, nose, mouth. (Also, Make sure when wearing a mask you are not touching your face again and again to adjust it. If that is the case it much better to not wear it. )

  • When outside use your non-dominant hand mostly for holding stuff (doorknobs, packets etc). More often than not you subconsciously touch your face with your dominant hand (Right if you are Right-handed and vice versa)
  • Use home containers to put grocers items and throw the packets. Sanitize or wash your hands after doing that. It may have been touched by multiple people and the virus stays on the surface for many hours and some surfaces for days.
  • If you are in a queue at the store maintain safe distance 2meter/6 feet.
  • DO NOT touch your face. Emphasized, again and again,We know it’s difficult and involuntary at times, but we need follow this keep ourselves safe
  • Wash your hands for 20 secs with soap and water immediately after you are back.
  • Change clothes immediately once you are back. It may be carrying the virus at times as your hands or clothes touch many places that you are not aware of.
Carry a sanitizer
  • Carry a sanitizer and apply every 15–20 mins. You don’t realize where all you have been touching at times. If you realize you have touched doorknob or any other item that may have the virus; apply then as well. Even if you are out of sanitizer, it is ok as long as you do not touch your face (eyes, nose or mouth)
  • Clean or disinfect
    • Phone (You use it to call/ pay and it might have got infected etc)
    • Cards (Touched by the vendor who is anyway making cards from a lot of people who might have been infected)
    • Keys (car/bike/house)
    • Doorknobs/ switches/ tabletops which you have touched when back.
  • It goes without saying that you try to minimize your outside visits as much as possible. So plan food, grocery, toiletries, and other important stuff accordingly.
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