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FREE Webinar on Understanding COVID-19 From Charts & Its impact On the Stock market

Last updated on April 28, 2020


Thank You!

We thanks everyone who joined the webinar. For people who registered for the webinar but could not make it to the session we will publish the video of the session and the presentation soon in our next post.

This session is over. But we are coming back with our next session soon!

Frequently asked question:

Ques – How do I register for the event?

Ans – You can click on Register Now button above and register for the event on

Ques – Is it paid or free?

Ans – The session is completely free, you don’t have to pay anything.

Ques – Who should attend this session?

Ans – Ideally, the session is designed for students (Graduate, Post Graduate & students who are preparing for competitive exams). But anyone is free to join the session for learning purposes.

Ques – Whats all will be covered in the session?

Ans – We will will touch base below points

  • Overview on Covid-19
  • Understanding Covid-19 Charts
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Stock Market

Ques – Whats will the duration of webinar?

Ans – The session duration will be 45 Min followed by Q&A for 15 MIn

Ques – Can I invite my friends for the session?

Yes, you can invite any of your friend(s) for the session. Just share the link of this page with your friends for them to register for the event or just use below share buttons for quick sharing.

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