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Lockdown Workout: Ten Exercises To Lose Belly Fat That Doesn’t Need Any Equipment

Covid-19 Lockdown Workout
Covid-19 Lockdown Workout Source: TOI

The nation is under strict lockdown since 24th March’2020. It will continue till 3rd May according to the recent address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though we all want this Covid-19 pandemic to end as soon as possible, we actually do not have any control over when it will end. It would be really great when all of us will finally be able to hit the gym, run outside, and do our favourite kind of workouts. Till then let’s look at some exercises that can keep you healthy as well as engaged during these long summer days which do not seem to end.

Coupled with a balanced diet, this workout can help you loose your belly fat quickly within days. So Let’s begin:

1) Jumping Jacks – 20 Seconds

JUMPING JACK GIF by DezineWings on Dribbble

2) Russian Twist – 16 Reps (each side)

Russian Twist | Illustrated Exercise Guide

3) Abdominal Crunches – 16 Reps

Sit-ups GIF - Workout Abs SitUps GIFs

4) Mountain Climbers – 12 Reps (each leg)

Mountain Climbers Gif - ClipArt Best

5) Heel Touch – 16 Reps (each side)

Alternate Heel Touchers | Illustrated Exercise Guide

6) Leg Raises – 16 Reps

Straight Leg Raise | Illustrated Exercise Guide

7) Plank Leg Lifts – 20 Seconds

plank leg lifts illustrated exercise guide Benefits GIF - LowGif

Repeat these 7 exercises for a total of 3 times and you are done with around 80 Calories in less than 15 mins!

Take at least 40 seconds rest between each exercise!

Always start with warming up for 5 mins at least before moving on to exercises. Always stretch your muscles after the exercise!
So pull out your shoes and put them on! Let us know in the comments if this was helpful!

Image Source: Spotebi

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