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COVID 19: Gwalior Police showcase their preparedness against Corona Virus, Video Viral

Gwalior Police issued a video thanking people for their support and appeal to continue to stay at home till the end of the fight against Corona Pandemic

Being the most widely seen face of the administration in these vulnerable times, Police all around the world has added responsibility. The Indian Police all-around have shown unprecedented efficiency in managing the public order in the face of Corona Pandemic. They have been working tirelessly throughout the day and night. Many of them cannot even go home for days in order to keep their families safe from COVID spread. These men and women are out all the time so that we can stay at home. They help the administration in their lockdown activities, move around with health officials in containing the virus at hotspots and containment zones, provide logistical support in moving the patients, and cleanliness and sanitization workers to carry out their activities.

On these lines, Gwalior Police has released a video highlighting how they are taking new steps of their own regularly to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. The video also highlights how they are working 24X7 and request the citizens to stay at home and support their actions against COVID 19 spread.

Take a look:

The 4-minute long video starts by a policeman washing hands thoroughly which fades into activities undertaken by the City Police Department like 24X7 surveillance in red zones, border sealing, taking care of those in need, etc. It also mentions the home delivery system which is put up in Gwalior with the help of local shopkeepers. It helps in delivering essential items during lock-down.

Then they showcase their awareness campaign based on policemen wearing corona helmets and moving around the city.

Then the video shows a recorded message by Gwalior SP – Navneet Bhasin, thanking the Gwaliorites for their support in this fight against corona. In a heartfelt appeal, Mr Bhasin asked citizens to understand why it is important to continue to remain at home until 3rd May and further if the need be.

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Stay Home! Stay Safe! Help Beat The Virus!

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