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Madhya Pradesh’s Woes Continue, Resignation of 50 Doctors in Gwalior

Their resignations followed an order from the state Medical Education Department seeking their consent for renewal of contract beyond three months.

Jayarogya Hospital Staff On One Day Protest - ग्वालियर ...

At a time when the number of Covid-19 cases are increasing in the Gwalior city as well as Madhya Pradesh, the worries for the state administration are growing. Of the 82 doctors earlier appointed on contractual basis at Jayarogya Hospital (JAH) under Government-run Gajra Raja Medical College (GRMC), Gwalior, 50 have tendered their resignation.

“The contractual appointment was temporarily given for three months to 82 doctors who had completed MBBS and internship at Jairogya Hospital. A new order from the state government sought the doctors’ consent for the continuation of contractual appointment. Fifty said they did not want to continue working.

Dr. S.N. Iyenger, Dean Gaja Raja Medical College, said:

Dr. Iyengar also said that these resignations do not come under the Essential Services Maintenance Act that was invoked on Thursday. He further clarified that one year’s service is compulsory in state-run hospitals as a medical officer post MBBS course and internship. A 3-month temporary appointment was given to these doctors.

Currently, patients suffering from Coronavirus are being isolated and treated at JAH, and most of the doctors have been dedicated to Coronavirus cases.

There are speculations that these doctors resigned due to the unavailability of proper PPE to be used while treating Covid-19 patients. One of the doctors refuted any such claims and revealed that the issue is if once they accepted the new contract, they would not be able to quit. ESMA (Essential Services Maintenance Act) could be a further deterrent.

The resignations arise at a time when the state is already grappling with a shortage of doctors, attack on health and police personnel in various cities, and senior officials of the health department being tested Corona positive.

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